AdsPredict (alpha)

What is your perfect Cost Per Action  (CPA) with Google Ads, Facebook Ads or any other Ads System? 
What is your conversion forecast if you raise your budget? what do you expect? 
We have an answer for you and help you to put the right budget at the right moment for your campaign, no matter of the system you are using.(Google, Facebook, Natives Ads like Taboola or Outbrain, Revcontent..)
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ThirdBrain SA is acting since 2012 in Finance with predictive tools that helps to forecast financial instrument future prices. We use the same tools for Ads purpose giving you what is the best CPA you can expect and what is your true conversion forecast if you raise or decrease volume. AdsPredict is our  system designed for digital marketers who run campaigns. and wants to forecast budget easily.

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We can  guess how Google and Facebook Algorithm are working for you

You have  a clear vision how you can manage the volume of ads you are running, the cost you will have and conversions expected

Manage your costs with our scientific method to compute the perfect CPA
The Marketers who run ads in Cost by Clicks or Costs by Action never know what will be its conversion tomorrow and how the volume will impact or not its rentability. AdsPredict helps you giving you forecast and insights about the number of conversion you expect, the ideal CPA with the right volume to setup.
Why do you need it?

We are in closed Alpha and we are testing our software with selected clients.

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We give your next conversion expectations, the ratio between your Costs and your CPA with the volume linked

You can check if your expectation on ROI are right and on track

You have an aid in computing your forecast budget for your conversion's goals. You are not blind anymore facing Ads network algorithms